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If you been seriously injured in a drunk driving car accident, you want to do everything you can to make sure your rights are protected. Saundra M. Davis and her staff can protect the rights of DUI accident injury victims throughout Georgia. Making sure you get proper medical care for your injuries caused by a DUI driver, we will help you explore all your options for the full compensation you deserve.

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After a drunk driver accident, you need to speak to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. We will conduct a thorough investigation into your case immediately, so we have photos of the vehicles involved and proper documentation of your injuries. Going over your medical records with you, we will determine what needs to be proven in court.

Everyone has a duty to drive safely on the road. When someone puts you and your loved ones at risk by breaching that duty and driving drunk, you deserve to be compensated fairly. We will explore all of the following options to make sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries:

  • Special damages: From medical bills and lost wages to out-of-pocket expenses for prescriptions or house work, special damages will cover the direct costs of your personal injury.
  • General damages: A drunk driving injury will affect more than just your financial situation. We can help you collect for mental and physical pain and suffering.
  • Punitive damages: With DUI cases you can specifically collect punitive damages, which are given strictly to punish the at-fault driver for driving illegally on the road and for being intoxicated.

Simple negligence requires that a person breaches a duty and caused someone to be injured. Drinking and driving, on the other hand, is not simple negligence; it is gross negligence. DUI brings in a criminal component that adds significant value to your case.

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